Welcome to WHELANOPOLY! The board game covering Jim Whelan's 30-year record of increasing taxes, squandering taxpayer dollars, and failing to lead our community. Explore the board below to uncover the countless, surprising truths about Whelan's record. Click any space to begin!
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Did You Know?
Pocketbook Pain
Pricey & Puzzling Street Art
Out of this World
Pocketbook Pain
Remember the Surf?
Expressway Tolls
City Hall Gone Wild: Cars for Everyone
City Hall Gone Wild: Free Vacation Days
Electric Rates
City Hall Gone Wild: A Lawyer's Paradise
Got Pork?
Did You Know
Corzine's Bloated Budget Backer
Out-of-Control City Debt
Toll & Gas Tax Hike
Pay to Work
Shut 'em Down
Water Bills
Boutique Bust
The Press Says: Gaffes & Budget Bloopers
The Press Says: Where's Whelan?
Pocketbook Pain
The Press Says: End Whelan-Backed CRDA Pensions
Corzine's Trust Fund Debt
Did You Know
Farewell Miss America
Luxury Car Tax
Jim Whelan's Unrealized Vision
Bad for Business
Small Business Devastation
Did You Know
Tax on Thrills
"Worst Bill Ever"
Income Tax
Property Tax Blues
Pocketbook Pain
Sales Tax Bite
Maybe Collect $200